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 Procedures for Annual Review

Procedures of Annual Review:

1). Scholarship students should apply for and fill out correctly the Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status.doc (hereinafter referred to as the Form), which are printed by CSC, in conformity to the time and requirements set by the institutions and submit the Form completed to the institutions before the deadline.

2). In accordance with the requirements and standards of Annual Review, the institutions, after filling the suggestions of Annual Review into the Form, shall send the report on Annual Review, the name-list of the scholarship students who have passed and the forms of those who have failed in the Annual Review to CSC before May 31. The report should also be sent to the Administrations for education in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

3). Annual Review of those who require to be transferred to another institution (including remedial Chinese language students) should be processed by the previous institution, which is responsible to pass the materials and results of Annual Review to the target institution.

4). CSC will notify the institutions and the Administrations for education in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities the final results of Annual Review before June 15. The institutions shall inform the scholarship students the decisions made and shall remind the embassy of the dispatching country or dispatching organization about the students whose scholarship have been suspended or terminated after the Annual Review.

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