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In accordance with the relevant regulations on the management of Chinese Government Scholarship, to reinforce the management of Chinese Government Scholarship and to bring its benefits and effects into full play, the following measures are formulated specifically to carry out Review of the Chinese Government Scholarship Status (hereinafter referred to as Annual Review)


The Annual Review refers to the comprehensive assessment system which the international students studying in China under Chinese Government Scholarship Programmes (hereinafter referred to as the scholarship students) shall go through annually. It will decide whether they are qualified to continue enjoying or to renew the scholarship.


The Ministry of Education of China entrusts China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC) to take charge of the organization and implementation of Annual Review.

The Administrations for education in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities shall be in responsible for the relative coordination work of Annual Review in the institutions.

The institutions are entitled to give Annual Review to their own scholarship students.

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