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What is AES
 What is AES

The Atomic Energy Scholarship of China (AES) was jointly initiated by the China Atomic Energy Authority and the Ministry of Education of China in 2017. It is aimed at providing financial support to outstanding students, technicians and administrators from emerging nuclear power application countries to study in China. Harbin Engineering University is entrusted to be responsible for the education program.

Guided by the demands of the international community, and aimed at cultivating professionals of nuclear power, the AES Program will rely on the education platform of international nuclear professionals, adopt a diverse and double-supervisor training mode, and establish a professional education system coordinated by the government, university and enterprise.

Harbin Engineering University makes use of two platforms: technical cooperation projects of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and “111” Innovation Brainpower Importing Base, referring to the professional curricula of nuclear engineering in international first-class universities, and promotes the construction of an international curriculum system.

Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering of Harbin Engineering University is the first program to have passed the Nuclear Engineering Education Accreditation in China. Harbin Engineering University has been widely recognized and earned its high reputation from its education programs. Harbin Engineering University, as a major nuclear talent education base in China as well as nuclear education and training center of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), enjoys unique resource advantages in the field of nuclear energy professional education.

The curricula of AES Program include degree courses, selective courses, comprehensive sessions, and practice sessions, as well as visits and internship opportunities in Chinese companies, institutes and bases.

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