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NSFC-EPSRC Chinese and British Corporation Key Project Launched-First Meeting of the Project Held at HEU

Date:2017-09-26Author:Source:Atomic Energy Scholarship of ChinaHits:116

In 2017, as the Chinese project leader, HEU's Professor ZHANG Liang from the College of Shipbuilding Engineering jointly applied the project of Key Problem Researches of Offshore Floating Integrated and Multipurpose Platforms together with the English project leader, Dr. Maurizio Collu from Cranfield University. It was approved as the key international cooperation project of the national foundation, which indicates that the ocean energy research team of HEU has reached the top level internationally in the field of fundamental research. The first meeting of the project was held at HEU from September 22 to 26, 2017.

The meeting was held by the two initiating institutes, HEU and Cranfield University. There were also eight institutes participating in the meeting including Chinese ones such as Zhejiang Ocean University, National Ocean Technology Center, China Classification Society Certification (CCSC) and Harbin ReHa Technology Development Co., Ltd, and English ones such as University of Strathclyde and Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS).

The creative design of Key Problem Researches of Offshore Floating Integrated and Multipurpose Platforms is the Chinese and British Corporation Key Project supported by NSFC-EPSRC. It aims to create a set of open ocean platform systems combined with ocean wind and wave energy power generation systems, sea water desalination-storage-cultivation systems and intelligent management-all of which lay a foundation using the scientific method and technology to develop new marine low-carbon industrial equipment and improve the efficiency of marine natural resources acquisition and aquaculture system.

During the meeting, the College of Shipbuilding Engineering and Cranfield University agreed to cooperate on the basis of the multipurpose platform, and plans to apply the international cultivation project of innovative talents to NSFC in 2019.

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