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International Symposium on Wave Loading and Motion of Ships and Offshore Structures Held at HEU

Date:2018-03-01Author:Source:Atomic Energy Scholarship of ChinaHits:122

From November 6 to 7, 2017, the International Symposium on Wave Loading and Motion of Ships and Offshore Structures was held at HEU. Both domestic an international key experts in the maritime field attended the conference. It was organized by Journal of Marine Science and Application, which is the English version of HEU's school journal. Professor DUAN Wenyang, the domestic chief editor, hosted the opening ceremony. He co-chaired the meeting with the international chief editor, Professor Carlos from University of Lisbon. Vice President HAN Duanfeng gave the keynote speech.


The aims of the conference were as follows: to enhance the international influence of Journal of Marine Science and Application; to increase international academic exchange; to promote the development of shipbuilding and marine science and technology both domestically and internationally; to organize high-level academic journals. During the conference, 18 experts, including Academician Odd Magnus Faltinsen, Professor Klauts, Chang Jiang Scholars Professor DUAN Wenyang and Professor Teng Bin, made brilliant academic reports that are ahead of the technology curve. They also had in-depth discussions about hot research topics. The conference played a major role in combining domestic and international shipbuilding and marine engineering as well as enhancing the journal's international influence.

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