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Port Channel and Coast Engineering Accepts China's Engineering Education Certification on-site Test

Date:2017-11-09Author:Source:Atomic Energy Scholarship of ChinaHits:117

From November 8 to 10, 2017, the expert group of the China Association of Engineering Education Accreditation, a total of six experts headed by Professor Chen Yuanfang of HoHai University, conducted an on-site inspection of the port channel and coast engineering. Vice President Wu Linzhi attended the greeting and feedback meeting. 

At the meeting held on the morning of November 8, the expert group listened to the report on the school running and the construction of majors and conducted on-site inquiries on issues related to professional certification. Wu Linzhi attended the meeting. Leaders of relevant departments and colleges, all the members of the leadership team of the shipbuilding colleges, and the supporting teachers of the port channel and coast engineering attended the meeting.

After the meeting, the expert group visited the school library, the physics experiment teaching center, the chemistry experiment teaching center, the computer center, the engineering training center, the ship and marine engineering experiment teaching demonstration center, the Harbin Military Memorial and other places. Then, experts looked at papers related to coastal engineering, bachelor's thesis, curriculum design and experimental internship reports and related teaching management documents. In addition, the expert group also held informal discussions with administrators of HEU and colleges as well as representatives of graduates and employers.

At the feedback session on the morning of November 10, the expert group fully affirmed the achievements made in the aspects of student development, training objectives, graduation requirements, curriculum system, continuous improvement, faculty and support conditions of the port channel and coast engineering.  At the same time, the expert group also put forward specific opinions and suggestions on the improvement of the curriculum system, training objectives, and continuous improvement. The leaders of the school and the college exchanged opinions about the  experts' comments.

Wu Linzhi thanked the experts for their comments and suggestions. He said that in the professional construction, the school will insist on being goal-oriented and constantly strengthening the connotation construction, gradually increasing investment in teaching, further enhancing the level of education, and improving the professional strength and competitiveness of running the school.

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